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Yo, the name is Kitty..I'm 20 years old, i love to draw/etc, video edit and meet new people! Its been quite a while but i feel like i want to come back back to DA, i really missed it, i've met so many cool people on here before, i would like to have that again and show my art with ya'll!

I'm from the US, yeah nothin fancy or interesting about me, besides my love of art and video editing, i'm a huuuuuuuge horror movie and tv show nerd! My favorite shows are The Walking Dead, Orange is The New Black and Supernatural! Those three shows..I am like addicted to! But i also love other things too! Feel free to talk to me, i'm not like some of those other people who are rude and push you away, if you wish to talk to me then just hit me up via comment or note or whatever! Hahaha

I hope ya'll like my stuff!! <333


I'm A Creeper Freak by PsychoSlaughterman I'm A LeatherFace Lover by PsychoSlaughterman I'm A Hellraiser Oholic by PsychoSlaughterman I'm A Michael Maniac by PsychoSlaughterman
oc pairings by Noe-Izumi Stamp - OCs and Fanart by noodle-of-doom Classic Movies Stamp by OmegaZ-7


Carrion Flowers by KittyGrimm
Carrion Flowers
Carrion flowers
Growing from repeated crimes
-Carrion Flowers by Chelsea Wolfe

My new Negan fanart! I tried to go farther into my style and attempt a somewhat realism thing with Jeffrey as his face rather then the comics. Im pretty happy with it, its my first attempt at really drawing a person(well, a dude), Jeffrey was a challenge but it was a fun process. I felt maybe i coulda done better on a few things especially the brain matter on Lucille and Daryls skull caved in, that was a challenge that took me a few hours to do but like i said it was fun so it's fine. Its like, a what if, Jeffrey was a bit younger or well, more on the chubby side like he was a few years ago as Negan, he woulda been more perfect. I mean he's still perfect, but he's just thinner but that doesnt bug me much like it use to, especially seeing that leaked clip of him as Negan...Like holy fuck. LOL!

My inspiration for this was Carrion Flowers by Chelsea Wolfe, i have been like...Obsessed with her as of late, her music really makes me think of Negan and the Saviors, especially that song, its really intense and scary. Its also based off of the "Negan kills Daryl" theory that has been going on for a bit now so i figured why not? Poor Daryl! LOL
I hope you guys like my take on Jeffrey!Negan! <3

TWD/Negan/Daryl (c) Robert Kirkman
Shadow Preachers by KittyGrimm
Shadow Preachers
"I close my eyes, just close the door
You want a minute, I'll give you more
Maybe I don't want you either
We're both unsettled, nighttime creatures" -Shadow Preachers by Zella Day

I don't know how this happened 8D All i know i like this one way better then the last one especially since i attempted realism in a way, it was fun and different. :'D

The characters are for The Walking Dead, My oc Marybeth "Beth" Harlow and Negan. The picture is like, a scene or like, what they are about. The way he grabs her and how she reacts, theyre facial expressions, its a Lust Hate they share. 8D

In theyre storyline thing i got going on for these two is, it's like, years into the future(comic timeline) waaayy after All Out War, over a decade it being. Both Marybeth and Negan are older here since it a future arc, Marybeth around 42 and Negan 53 years old or so 8D

Even after so long Negan's sick lust and hate for her still remains and grows each day especially when he see's her again, Marybeth being part of how, NO HELPED in Negan losing everything especially how she betrayed him at one point in theyre "relationship" as it is in his POV, while in her's Negan is nothing but a lying sick womanizing "rapist" backstabbing motherfucker who got his at the end of the day. In Marybeth's pov, before they both backstabbed eachother, Negan had potential even if he was just her boyfriend for a time. He was what Marybeth liked in a guy..Strong, crazy tall/big, handsome, fierce, owned leadership skilled, somewhat good with kids surprisingly(ala carl before carl blew Lucille's shit in 8D), The the point, etc. But sadly there was Negan's flaws..His mentality, his womanizing ways, a natural born ASS at the end of the day so it wasnt meant to be in the end as she got to know him better.

Negan here is attempting to seduce Marybeth psychically and mentally along with mental abuse and how,
"Now that Negan's fully back, he and mommy mouse can finally be parents to they're little bundle of adorable mayhem baby mouse(Jodelle), if mommy mouse agree's not to beat up daddy or else he'll have to beat up mommy."
Both Marybeth and Negan are wearing theyre "Kisses" from one another, aka, all the scarring and bruises from theyre chaos when together. Along with the slash Negan received from Rick which is engraved in Negan's neck now, and Because of Negan's undying "love" Marybeth almost loses an ear that alone says alot about they're sick love story xD
Negan here loses his decency and doesn't think twice about hurting/killing a woman aka Marybeth, or a child if lost of patience. In Negan's mind, he's the only one that can touch, hurt, fuck, kill, Marybeth, he's very greedy of her because like Rick, she's his play thing. Fighting for so long, he grew use to it and fond of fighting with her, even if she degrades him at times, sadly she's just a woman, women have a bit more weaknesses then men sometimes especially when Marybeth is a bucket full of problems and this is what turns Negan on the most, messing with her head and hurting those she loves, starting with theyre daughter when she starts acting out against him and takes it out on her little Dixon friend, Bonnie..

I hope that little db wasn't stupid, My Negan is a little crazier since i mostly focus on the future arc where he develops that way because of Rick.

I cannot fucking believe, Papa Winchester himself is going to play this idiot, IT'S GANNA BE SO FUCKING WEIRD BECAUSE all im ganna see is Sam and Dean as Negan's sons LOL! Its ganna be so weird because John's ganna look so empty without his babies :'D I find it funny too how i had my SPN/TWD AU where Sam was a survivor and Dean a savior when that now reflects SPN more since Jeffrey is Negan, Dean scared loyal to John/Negan in both while Sam is against John/Negan in both too. And i find it funny how even before Jeffrey, He was one of my faces for Negan when i first got into SPN. :') Im still adjusting tho since its been so long and there have been soooo many more amazing options...(Like how i am still butthurt about Garret Dillahunt almost being Negan but nope, Jeffrey you sexy jerk 8D especially after Last House, what a Negan like rapist jackhole man LOL)

Since Jeffrey is still regrowing on me, i based my Negan here off of bits and pieces of Ray Stevenson & Kevin Durand(They will always be my Negans along with Garret damnit! xDDD Who gets me i mean look at Jeff as the fucking Comedian aka THE NEGAN LOL) Im just so use to those two so automatically Negan always looks like them in my crap, especially Ray off of Punisher, he has the look 100%. Marybeth's face here is based off of half and half, Kate Beckinsale and Adrianne Palicki. Because i cannot make up my mind and that is the end of my long ass db! Poor you guys!! 8D

Marybeth (c) Me
Negan, TWD (c) Robert Kirkman, etc



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Abnormal-imagination Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2016  Student General Artist
GURRL wassup
KittyGrimm Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey! OMG RONNIE ;A; I miss you, we haven't talked in ages! Are you still on skype?
Abnormal-imagination Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2016  Student General Artist
WE HAVENT! and yes I am just not on as much xD how are ya?
KittyGrimm Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OMG CHICK LOL Oh that sucks! I barely started to use it again actually, i stopped using it since the group died a few years back.. :/ I wont lie i miss the group in a way, like, when we all had fun and it was drama free. Im good, just been around..All obsessed with TWD(and negan cuz he's hot af LOL) so i been good hahaha besides the stress in my personal life ughhh LOL
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neocoolstar Featured By Owner May 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You made a post on my forum here:…

I'm sorry but I can't get to your request. Thank you for offering your character for me to draw!
Abnormal-imagination Featured By Owner May 30, 2013  Student General Artist
I miss you ;_;
KittyGrimm Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
RONNIE!!!!!!!!!!!! omg dude im soooo sorry i havnt been on skype much!
been on youtube mostly xDD

YES WE CAN DO ONE! :') what would you like?? :D
i miss you too dude! how ya been? :'D
Abnormal-imagination Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013  Student General Artist
oh okay then xD should join youtube again O.O

YUS! and IDK I GOT TO THINK. I can draw men but sometimes i need to use referances ^^;
O: I have been well, Graduated High school :D YOU?!
KittyGrimm Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
dude! you should re-join! that way we can talk more! :')
(im mostly on yt) will you vid again? :') i can give you tips on how to avoid copyright <3

HAHAHAHA! you dont have to draw me some guys xDD we can both draw us females if you like :D
(im not that good at guys either LOL)

WOW THATS AWESOME!! lucky you! :') will you go to college?
ehh i'v been good, been dealin with crazy bitches lately but besides that, im ok!
im going to be working on a new editing style xD
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KaKazou Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Heeeeeeey thank you thank you sooo much for the faves!!!! (by the way, i just read your profile page and i was like 'OMG we need to be friends!!!') so... Hellow!!! :icongrin--plz:
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